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Are Cavities Contagious? The answer might surprise you!

Often parents are shocked to learn that their children develop cavities at a very young age even after diligent oral care.  One of the reasons could be that cavities are actually “contagious”.  It might surprise you that the bacterial cause of tooth decay can be passed along from person to person.

Cavities, are caused by a bacteria known as mutans streptococcus.  This bacteria feeds on the sugar in your mouth and creates an acid that eats away the hard enamel on your teeth.  When it builds, it creates plaque that contains even more acid to eat away at your teeth.

Some individuals tend to have more cavity causing bacteria than others.  So, rather than so-called “soft-teeth” being passed along from parent to child (which is a myth), what’s actually being passed along is most likely a mouth full of bacteria. Studies have shown that 80 percent of all cavities are found in the mouths of only 25 percent of children.

So how can you help stop the spread of cavities?  Here are four practical ways to stop the flow of bacteria in your family:

Avoid sharing eating utensils.

Anyone with children knows how common it is to share food with them from your own plate using your spoon or fork.  Likewise, parents also find themselves cleaning off their child’s spoon with their own mouth or sharing a meal using the same utensils.  Avoiding this habit can go a long way in stopping the flow of bacteria from your mouth to your child’s.

Clean pacifiers in the sink, not your mouth.

Most parents have done this:   Your child drops her pacifier on the ground and you quickly scoop it up and wash it off in your own mouth.  Sounds almost yucky reading it, right?  Having an extra clean one on hand or waiting until you can rinse it off under warm, soapy water is much more sanitary for your child…and you!

Don’t share toothbrushes.

Everyone in your family should have their own toothbrush and they should be changed frequently.  The American Dental Association recommends a new toothbrush every 3-4 months or even sooner as bristles become frayed.  Bacteria from your mouth are transferred to your toothbrush when you brush. You want to avoid passing those bacteria to other family members by not sharing your toothbrush.

Keep a clean mouth.

Inevitably, we don’t live in a sterile environment and even the most diligent among us can sometimes break the “rules”.  So one of the key actions you can take in helping your children not develop cavities is through regularly brushing and flossing yourself.  Not only will you help prevent the spread of bacteria, but you’ll be setting a good example of oral care that hopefully will be “contagious” as well!

Welcome, Welcome

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Welcome, welcome! I have earned the nickname “Painless” from my fellow Marines because I  erased all of their fears. I have transformed my painless approach to dentistry to private practice in Houston, Texas.  I am a devout Christian, I enjoy reading God’s Word daily.  I enjoy golf, fantasy football and exercising.  I am  the proud father Darrick Jr. a student in the Klein School District. We enjoy riding ATV’S, hunting and  fishing together. We have an upcoming ride that we both are really looking forward to!  I enjoy traveling when the chance arises!  Yes there is life out of the office! Be back with more news later! Dr.  C. “Painless”

Look forward to seeing you soon.

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Hey Ya’ll

Hey Ya’ll

Life outside of the office is superb and the world is as pretty as I !!!!    Visiting with family as often as possible.  I have a great husband who works hard.  He juggles life (like I do) at home and work and with our girls and the band.  We have two extraordinary and very talented children.  (it runs in the family)  I am continuously being blessed.  I love dentistry, but will take a vacation as often as I can.

See you real soon :) 

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Welcome to MY family!

Welcome ALL to MY family!

Life is GREAT,  my personality has always been very warm and caring (a people person) and I am married to a very hard working man that is self-employed! We each lead very busy & active lives. When time permits,  I love Movies, going out to dinner and Love swimming and the Beach!!  I am spoiled in certain ways because of my husband’s Military background and his way of having everything in it’s place. He loves to cook and that is terrific when I do not get in until late. (I take full advantage of that! Lol) We enjoy dining with  friends,when time permits, but do always find time to spend with all of our 11 GRANDS and now 1 GREAT-Grand! We are very family oriented.

We have 3 children,  Our daughter, (mother of 6 of our grands) is a Real-Estate Broker, she also teaches aerobics at her church and she home schools all  (our grandchildren) and my son in law works for HP. They also own a wedding & Events Venue in Tomball, The Estates at Pecan Park that has it's Grand Opening in March 2017!  They live very close to me! “3” Grand daughters competed in the Showtime International Dance Competition at Moody Gardens and I am again proud to say that the Cypress Elite Team won “1st Place Grand Prize in the Large group Production of Ode To MJ- It was an Awesome Michael Jackson Medley dance routine. My Youngest Granddaughter won “1st place Grand Prize”, for her group of 4 -5yrs olds- to the song “Little Bitty Pretty One” All of the girls placed in all several of there routines 2nd and 3rd place!! Go Cypress Elite Sr. Team  Jr Team and Cypress Elite Dance!!! 1 more baby girl that just turned 2 yr. in  August!(she’s awesome and  thinks she can do everything like the big ones do and then some!!)  My Sunshine!.. what a love!…………Then 2 boys are in Tae Kwon Do, one  who is a Jr black Belt and 1 just started his first year of lessons and they are also both in summer soccer…….My son lives here in town close as well with his Fiance' who works for the Memorial Hospital Systems and he  works in Oil and Gas Industry and has  3 boys,(our grands)  The oldest  just made us Great Grandparents of a precious little boy. He & family life in town also. The 2nd  one is in FFA in Katy so we now  have a "Grand Pig" name Marlyn who placed 3rd out of 26 at the HLSR FFA and the 3rd is  with Katy Honors Baseball Team won the Championship game in San Marcus!  Go Katy Honors… They all are very active in sports and they fish and hunt every chance they get..

My 3rd daughter is in  Ohio and manages a restaurant and cheers everyone on at the Car Race Track as her husband is an electrician/race car driver, they have two children- one boy graduated in May from High school that also races cars and our granddaughter is in Jr HS and plays volleyball !  We have 11 grandchildren total  1 great, 1 grand pig (lol) and one Big  Beautiful Black (117 lb. baby) Lab named Millie that I have spoiled rotten!

We try to attend everything that all of our grandchildren are in as often as time allows.  Sometimes  I miss a few :(  But YES I have a GREAT LIFE -my Family and my extended family at the Castleberry Center.  I am so very  Blessed and more than Grateful.

Happy Home, Happy Boss, Happy Husband!

Stay tuned! You can bet there is always something happening in DEBBIE'S household!

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Hi and welcome this is Rosie,

Hi and welcome,   this is Rosie, your personal assistant,  from my extended family at the Castleberry Center!

My life outside of the Castleberry Center Family is a blast! ! I am proud to tell you that I have 2 children, one son and one daughter in preschool, and my husband is a Houston Firefighter. We all lead fun and busy lives.  We recently remodeled my kitchen and my husband absolutely loves to cook! So I am just ecstatic about getting home after work to see what he has come up with for myself and the kids! I am great at crafts with food items like marsh mellow flowers etc… and other items for my children, there is so much we do together.  We also love to travel,  Florida,  Disney World is our favorite spot! And we can’t wait to ride the big roller coasters!  I love the beach, and so do my children and my husband..  Love picnics especially in the Spring!

I understand and believe that happy childhood memories form the basis of a positive adult experiences. I prove this every day,

 Stay tuned for more of “Everything is coming up Rosie”!

Hello & welcome from Linh

Hello & welcome from Linh…

As well as my co-workers, I have a life!!! Away from the office. I love working in my yard and its getting to be about time to plant flowers which I truly enjoy. I love the beach and the sunshine and am more than ready for it to shine and be warm.  I recently went on a cruise with my family which was lots fun, but I believe I prefer Air travel better than by sea…lol I am proud to say family is so important to me as well as my friends in and out of  my working environment.  I love to cook and even bring lunch to my co-workers at times.  I do spend quality time with my family after my life at The Castleberry Center. I enjoy movies, going out with friends, going out to dinner and I love to shop

Stay tuned to a Wonderful Life with Linh!