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What Causes Sore & Inflamed Gums?

September 21, 2023

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A young woman showing inflamed gums

Often enough, people equate their oral health with their teeth. It’s a fairly normal habit – many view a bright smile as proof of a healthy mouth. However, the truth is that gum tissue is also vital to oral well-being. Neglecting it can cause you to develop sore and inflamed gums. Fortunately, your Houston dentist knows a few ways to fix the latter. Read on to learn the causes of gum inflammation and a few great treatment methods.

Common Causes of Sore & Inflamed Gums

It isn’t just one thing that makes gums sore and inflamed. In fact, several conditions can irritate gum tissue. Some of the more common ones are:


The most typical cause of inflamed gums is gingivitis. A mild form of gum disease, this ailment is normally triggered by poor oral hygiene and bad eating habits.

The problem comes down to plaque. When the substance builds on your gum line, it can become tartar – a major contributor to gingivitis. From there, the pink tissues will likely swell and bleed easily. They could even contract periodontitis, a more advanced form of gum disease.


Unlike what you’d think, forcefully brushing your teeth and gums isn’t good for them. The action will just irritate your gum tissue and make it sore. As such, most dentists caution against the habit of “overbrushing.”

If possible, always try to brush with soft and circular motions. This approach puts less pressure on your gums and allows them to heal.

Tooth Abscess

If you don’t know, a tooth abscess is a pocket of pus from a gum infection. It typically takes the form of a red, swollen bump or pimple.

Among other things, a tooth abscess can result in gum redness and swelling. This symptom occurs when your infection spreads from your pearly white to surrounding tissues.

How to Treat Your Sore Gums

Overall, sore gums aren’t too tricky to manage. You can just use the tips below:

  • Try a Home Remedy – To ease their discomfort, apply a warm compress to your gums. You could also rinse with salt water to remove any irritating bacteria.
  • Alter Your Oral Care – Avoid strong mouthwashes if your mouth is sensitive to specific ingredients. You should also brush with toothpaste for sensitive or inflamed gums.
  • See a Dentist – When all else fails, see your dentist for guidance. They’ll determine the cause of your gum inflammation and offer the best possible treatment.

If you’re not careful, sore and inflamed gums could threaten your mouth. So, remember the causes and treatments above to maintain your oral health!

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